Reading the Street

Exhibition and book presentation (12.-16. May Tallinn, Estonia)

The exhibition showcased a selection of student work resulting from the “Art and the City” studio at the Estonian Academy of Arts as well as a presentation of the book “Reading the Street - Creative Methods in Doing Critical Urban Research on the Example of Two Streets in Milan and Tallinn” by the urbanism platform Urbiquity.

The aim of the “Art and the City” studio has been to merge artistic practices with researching urban space. The studio is interdisciplinary and its results have been publicly presented in the form of exhibitions and talks. The wider aim of the studio has been to expand the concept of city-making - asking who and what has the power to shape urban space and what possibilities inhabitants of a city have for more agency over space. The exhibition consisted of a selection of student projects resulting from the “Art and the City” studio, which showcases how creative methodologies can enable difficult and critical conversations.

The book “Reading the Street” combines the results of the 2018 “Art and the City” studio with the results from a parallel workshop conducted in Milan and offers a critical analysis of using creative methods for urban research. The book can be bought in print or .pdf using this link.