Workshop and Urban Walk - Milan and 'La Notte'
1 - 2 June 2018

Organised in partnership with Micamera and Fondazione Stelline

La Notte (1961), Michelangelo Antonioni’s cult movie, is a formidable testimony to the urban and social upheavals of post-war Milan, a city subject to violent and destructive metamorphosis in which the disappearance of nature and the disintegration of spaces linked to memory are the background to the bewilderment of the two protagonists.
There are many similarities with the urban growth and social changes of contemporary Milan, with its ever-changing urban landscape and an increasingly complex and fragmented society.

To what extent has Milan changed since the 60s?
Are we facing the same model of city presented by Antonioni?

Taking La Notte as a starting point, Urbiquity proposes a laboratory of urban-sociological analysis of contemporary Milan using the combination of photography and urban walk as a research method.

The program, structured over two days, starts with an evening photographic urban walk along the most significant locations of La Notte aimed to analyse the socio-urban themes suggested by the film and their transposition into contemporary Milan. During this walk, the participants are invited to create a photographic project on the theme of the city in transformation with the support of professional photographers and urbanists.
On the second day, Micamera will host a session of editing, discussion and presentation of the projects produced during the walk.